Guang Dong Black Tea is one of the China historical teas which is sold to the overseas market. It is produced at Ying-de City (英德市 Yingde Shi) at Guang Dong Province (广东省 Guangdong Sheng) It originated from the Yunnan Big Leaf Cultivars (云南大叶种 Yunnan Da Ye Zhong) which was planted at Guang Dong ever since 1959. After three years of research, the Guang Dong Black Tea was successfully produced. As a result of the research carried out by the tea institute, the new cultivar was bred and named as Ying Hong No. 9 (英红九号 Ying Hong Jiu-Hao). Premium Black Tea english tea. 

Sinced 1959 ~ Royal English Tea / Black Tea

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