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Brewing Temperature

It is very important to boil water so as to evaporate chlorine and other kinds of contaminated substance in water. Control the temperature between 85C-90C

Brewing Time

The suitable teapot for black tea is the red clay teapot. Make sure rinse the tea pot with boiling water for about few seconds in order to warm it up. Brewing time is about 10 seconds. For 2nd brewing, please keeps the brewing time less than a few seconds.

Quantity of Tea Leaf

Volume of water / 5 = Weight of tea leaf to be used.​

Premium Black Tea English Tea

​Our Passion

We believe the calming sensation that comes from drinking tea is universal, and the ingredients should reflect the quality of the tea-leaf. Plucking is carried out by hand only and we selected only the earliest plucked spring tea for those whom looking for premium black tea and long lasting taste and flavours. Seond plug conducted during autumn which bring different flavours. Premium Black Tea English Tea.